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Bear Psychology Podcast

Dr. Anna Baranowsky is a Canadian Clinical Psychologist, CEO of the Traumatology Institute, Founder and President of the Board at Trauma Practice. She is the author of two books on trauma, numerous courses to help train professionals in trauma mental health and the developer of the Trauma Recovery Program for Self-Guided trauma care. She works with trauma survivors and those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on post-traumatic growth and recovery.

Through her work she believes that when we share, dialogue and feel supported, it provides a powerful foundation for forward movement in our understanding and the care needed. In her own words "I have found that the most profound changes occur when a person truly feels heard and understood - I like to think of it as deeply BEARING WITNESS to life evolving. We can feel incredibly stuck when we live with our fears, stressors and troubles in isolation."

Dr.Baranowsky is the host of the Bear Psychology Show, focusing on bearing witness to Evolving Mood, Mind, Health. Her talks revolve around recovery, relationships, work and life adventures.

She is dedicated to assisting organizations and health professionals who help trauma survivors to ensure a trauma informed lens of care can grow in community health networks. With that vision in 1998, the Traumatology Institute Canada (TIC) was established. TIC has trained thousands of individuals nationally and internationally.

Dr. Baranowsky serves on the board of directors of the Academy of Traumatology and is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is recognized by The National Center for Crisis Management. She has published in the area of Post-Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and therapeutic relationships (the Silencing Response).

Copyright:  Dr. Anna Baranowsky, 2020

Aug 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered why you said, “yes” when you meant “no” or became enraged by something you recognized later was no big deal?  Does your anger flare up quickly in your relationships or do you ever feel like the world is against when something minor occurs?  This likely means your inner “demons”,  also referred to as unresolved inner beliefs or YOUR SHADOW, is ruling your life.

We are joined by Shadow Work expert Dr. Robert Masters to discuss what the shadow is, how to work with your unconscious motivators, and how to challenge a spiritual by-pass (when you don’t want to face the difficult stuff in life). In addition to this, we also explore why this work is so important for your growth and how it leads to inner peace.

There is a huge cost to responding like a hurt 7 year old to a work colleague or becoming explosively jealous when you see your spouse/partner enjoying a conversation with someone else.  Great inner growth and peace evolves when you can reflect on why you become triggered/hurt, and become aware of the inner drivers that lead you to feel so bad or become so reactive.

Dr. Robert Masters is an expert in Shadow Work.  He has written and taught extensively on the unconscious drivers that lead to behaviors, attitudes and events that do not serve us.

In his 2018 book “Bringing your Shadow out of the Dark: Breaking free from the hidden forces that drive you”, Master’s explains that “Our Shadow … is our internal storehouse for the parts of us that we’ve disowned or rejected, or are otherwise keeping in the dark”. Dr. Masters is a therapist and “Psychospiritual guide” with a deep understanding of the “neglected shadow domains of ourselves”.

Let’s enjoy this conversation with Dr. Robert Augustus Masters and reflect on the deepest places of self-reflection and inner growth, the Shadow.

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